Assessment of Noise Impact, Noise Modelling

New Aviation Noise Capability

We are very excited to welcome on-board a highly motivated and experienced aviation noise engineering team. Aviation noise continues to be a fundamental problem to the public especially with the expected increase in air traffic. Our vision at Delft Aviation is that to understand and mitigate the impact of noise, the following capabilities are needed: In depth theoretical knowledge about noise and aircraft operations, noise modelling, and noise simulation. Our team possess the skills to:

  • Provide advice on aviation noise related issues.
  • Design and evaluate noise abatement procedures.
  • Accurately model source noise and simulate noise propagation.
  • Objectively assess noise impact and provide feedback to airport noise regulators.
  • Apply novel metrics other than Lden for noise impact calculations.

Do you want to reduce noise around your airport? develop noise abatement procedures? or simply need a second opinion on your noise calculations? feel free to contact us.

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